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At Top Ten USA we consider providing exceptional customer service to be the norm. As such, our US help desk is manned 7X24X365, and our immensely capable and experienced technicians and engineers have lab machines for all the major lines we support and 100% parts availability is guaranteed in writing. Additionally every client is assigned an escalation manager that they can call at any hour of the day or night if there is ever the slightest problem with our service.

Personalized service is something we find our clients really appreciate. When dealing with Top Ten USA you’ll never feel like just “another number.” We know our clients well and can develop customized solutions that address their needs. These customized solutions can include everything from dedicated field technicians, on-site or local spare parts storage, remote systems monitoring, Data Center moves, or DR assistance using our facilities.

Beyond personalized service we also strive to take a flexible approach to the needs of our clients. Accordingly, we can offer short-term maintenance contracts of 9, 6, or 3 months. We support so-called Legacy/EOL/EOS hardware of most major lines that the manufacturer no longer supports. We offer different service levels (SLAs)—from the full service 4-hr SLA, to Next Business Day, to parts and phone support only plans.

The goal of every employee from our president to our receptionist is 100% customer satisfaction and 100% customer renewals. If you ever feel that your issue has not been properly addressed, ask to speak to our CEO.

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