Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a SLA?

    A SLA or Service Level Agreement is a contract that details what equipment you are having maintained by your vendor, the start and end dates of that coverage, the extent of the coverage (i.e. parts, labor, tech support, etc) as well as the required response time for these services to be completed.

  • What SLAs do you offer?

    We offer the most flexible SLAs in the industry. We offer 24x7x4 hr – which means unlimited tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with guaranteed response time of 4 hours. You can also choose our On Site Sparing Program which will allow you to have common parts on site for replacement at no additional cost. Next is 24x7xNBD which is the same tech support as our 4 hour plan but parts are delivered

    on site Next Business Day. We also offer 9x5xNBD with tech support avail 8-5 EST Mon-Fri and parts received Next Business Day. Lastly, we offer our Collaborative Plan which affords you unlimited tech support from 8-5 EST Mon-Fri with parts sent next business day and phone assistance to help your tech do the replacement correctly. We also offer
    the flexibility to mix and match coverage levels on various equipment in the same agreement. It is a fully customizable solution that keeps you protected and best utilizes your service spend.

  • Can I Cover All of My Equipment in One Agreement?

    Yes. Our flexible SLAs allow you to customize the level of service on each piece of your equipment to suit your needs.

  • What If I Have Equipment I Don’t See Listed on Your Site?

    We are always updating our website to reflect new equipment additions. If you have a piece of equipment you don’t see listed, simply contact us and we will be happy to furnish you with a quote for protection. If you have a piece of uncovered equipment fail, our policy is to take care of you first, get the repair done and discuss the coverage of that equipment later. Your equipment being up and running is our top priority, we’ll do the paperwork later.

  • Can You Service All of My Equipment? 

    Although there is some equipment that we do not cover, we are happy to schedule an equipment review at no charge to inventory your hardware, verify OEM warranty status, and confirm coverage availability. The inventory report is done in an excel format and is yours to keep whether or not we do business together.

  • Can you supply me with updated software and patches during my agreement? 

    Software is the intellectual property of the manufacturer. For any upgrades, updates or patches you may need we would refer you to the manufacturer or one of their certified resellers.

  • Why Are Your Prices So Much Lower Than the Original Equipment Manufacturer?

    OEM pricing can be inflated for various reasons. One primary reason is to entice you to purchase new equipment. It is in the best interest of a manufacturer to generate more sales contracts than service contracts as they are constantly manufacturing new equipment. One way to increase sales is to show the client a significant TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) savings in buying new equipment with relatively inexpensive warranty costs as opposed to keeping your equipment and paying a significantly higher sum to keep it under warranty. As a service provider, our goal is to keep your existing hardware up and running and doing so at the very best pricing available.

  • What is Third Party Maintenance (TPM)?

    Third party maintenance is the continued service and warranty of your hardware after the initial OEM warranty has expired. The purpose of TPM is to extend the usable life of your hardware and maximize ROI on that equipment. Quality TPM vendors will maintain the highest levels of quality in both service and replacement parts while keeping your costs at a much more effective level.

  • How Do I Choose a Vendor?

    It can be a challenge to leave an OEM in regards to service on hardware due to the importance the hardware has in your business. We understand that which is why we go to such length to explain our services and what those services mean to your company. Top Ten USA works with each of our clients as a true partner in their hardware solutions. Your success is our success and keeping you up and running is our standing edict.

  • Why Do Companies Use Top Ten USA to Warranty their Equipment Instead of the OEM?

    There are 3 main reasons companies use Top Ten USA:

    1. to support EOL/EOS hardware that the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) no longer supports
    2. to save money as our rates are generally 60 – 80% below OEM pricing
    3. we are a multi-vendor service provider. We can cover most if not all of your hardware regardless of OEM under one agreement. This simplifies your warranty administration and allows you to maximize your ROI.
  • When it’s time to renew my warranty will my rates increase?

    No. At Top Ten USA our policy is that we never increase rates for existing customers.

  • What do your warranties cover?

    Based on the service level you select, we cover up to 100% of parts, labor & shipping required to get your equipment up & running. For many agreements, our guarantee to you is we’ll get you up & running even if it requires a complete unit replacement.

  • How long have you been in business?

    We have been in business for 25 years in Europe and 8 years in North America.

  • Can you supply references?

    With 3,900 clients throughout North America we can supply industry and/or regional specific references.

  • Do you have a help desk for off hours support?

    Yes, our US help desk is manned 24x7x365.

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