Tape Drive Repair

Thank you for Choosing Top Ten USA. With over 10 years in the tape drive and tape library repair industry, we have set the standards for the best repair and testing practices.

Upon receiving your defective tape drive or tape library we will disassemble, clean and adjust it, and then put the device through rigorous diagnostics at a bench level. Once the defective part has been identified, we will then make the appropriate repair and run more bench level diagnostics. Finally, we will put it through our end test procedures.

Our end test procedures are a key advantage which separates us from all of the other repair facilities. We have seen many tape drives and tape libraries that pass low level bench diagnostics and then fail during extended diagnostics, because of this, we have implemented an EOT (End of Tape) diagnostic procedure for all tape drives that we repair. This ensures the tape drive writes and reads the entire length of a data cartridge without any signs of failure. This test often takes as long as 8 hours to complete. Although very time consuming, we have learned this is the only way to confirm the health state of the device and verify our performance to our standards while also ensuring it is free of defect.

All tape drives used in tape library applications that come in for repair are end tested using the correct library to ensure proper communication between the drive and the tape library throughout the end testing process.

Symantec Backup Exec is used to test all tape libraries after the repairs are completed. We configure the software to create a simulated production environment for no less than 8 hours, so that we can observe the machine working heavily over an extended period of time before we deem the machine fully repaired and healthy.

A tremendous advantage to working with us is our implementation of QR code technology in our repair process! We share all the test documents with our customers on the repairs that we perform. Simply scan the QR code that we affix to the repaired device, and it will bring you directly to a shared folder containing all of the test documents that were generated while the machine was at our facility.

Our turnaround time on tape drive and library repairs is 3–5 business days after receipt of equipment. A few things to note regarding our tape drive and library repair program:

  • All repairs carry a 6 month warranty
  • Advanced Exchange services available
  • Hardware Maintenance Contracts available through request
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Repair Quotations are “flat rate“. There will never be any additional repair charges after you have been quoted.

If you would like to have your tape drive library repaired, please fill out the RMA request form below. If you know the part number of your device please include it with any notes that you would like to share with us regarding the failures your tape device may have. If you are unsure of the part number or would like us to double check which model tape device that you have please attach two pictures of the device (front and back) of the unit. We will identify the part number and send you a flat rate quotation for the repair of that device. Once approved by you we will email you an RMA sheet that is to accompany the defective device to our facility.

RMA Request Form

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After We Receive The Form

Once we receive your request form we will identify the style of tape device that you have. We will then send you a formal quotation for the repair of that machine. Once it has been approved by the customer we will issue a RMA ( Return Material Authorization ) document. Please print that form and include a copy inside the box with the defective unit. We will contact you for payment once the repair has been made.

All payments are made after the device has been repaired. Payments accepted are Paypal, Credit Card and check.

If you have any questions please call us at 908-850-5016 x109 or contact us through email.

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